Thanks for dropping by chuckray.net.   I am not sure that the world really needs another blog but this is more for me than for the world.  The fact that you or anyone else is reading this is just frosting on the cake.

The site is somewhat erratic in topics and writing.  It is  a blend of half baked ideas, reviews and pointless ramblings.  I will try to bring it more in focus but make no promises.  The beauty is that since this is not  a paying gig, it really liberates one to post what ever they feel like when ever they feel like.  Not a bad deal considering one rarely has the chance in life to do such tings.  Nothing in excess comes from the basic theory that nothing in life is bad for you as long as it is in moderation. (This tag line has since been dropped from the title).

So - sit back read a bit if you are so inclined and hopefully you will stop and think or stop and smile.  I like to think that there is something to offer here if nothing more than to waste 10 minutes of your time.

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