Monday, October 1, 2012

T-Mobile Responds

For those of you keeping score, I received a response from T-Mobile on Friday regarding my attempt to get my bill reduced.  Prior to sending the letter that precedes this post, I took it upon myself to plead my case to the FCC by submitting a complaint.  The gist of my complaint was that the Terms and Services were only available on the website and that I wanted proof that I agreed to the those terms and conditions noting that simply posting things on a website does not make them binding.

I received a message from T-Mobile Friday who referenced my FCC letter stating that while it was against their policy, they have adjusted my bill and prorated that amount for the four days of service I actually incurred.  I am totally fine with this bill and am happy to pay the amount I actually owe.  As soon as I receive the new bill, I will pay it in full!

There are two things that come from this.  First, it is too bad that one has to go through all the trouble of writing letters and making formal complaints in order to get a result that is fair both to the company and the consumer.  Again, had they shown me where I agreed to the terms posted on the website, I would have gladly paid.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the FCC follows through on complaints that are submitted.  This is good for consumers and provides some level of comfort that following the process can work.

More importantly, this is my second successful use of government resources to lodge consumer complaints.  You might remember a year or two ago when Chase Bank was giving me grief about interest rates.  Again, through the proper process, I was able to resolve that issue as well.

The moral of the story is to stand by your morals and convictions and don't give up.  If you believe you have been wronged, you have the ability to correct it.  Be creative, understand the company policies and understand what federal agency oversees the industry.  It may take time but if you are determined you can do it!

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