Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recycle Your Deck Rails!

I thought I would share this years addition to the backyard.  As summer approached and the time came to plant a garden one thing was clear,  we needed a defined space with a gate to keep the deer out... or at least that is what our six year old demanded! 

It just so happened that my wife had decided that it was time to take the deck rails off the deck and open it up it up so it looked more like part of the yard and less like a viewing obstruction.  As I began disassembling the deck rails with my screw gun, the neighbor showed up with a sabre saw, a much better approach.  We cut the rails at the base and decided we would set them aside until they were both off and then we would break them down. 

After removing the first rail, we placed it in the yard, we then removed the second and placed that in the yard.  As I went to get additional tools to start the demolition, my wife yelled out not to touch them!  Instead, she had us place the rails off the back of the garage to see what it would look like.  Eureka!  Just like that, we were half way home on a garden!  We recycled the deck rails into a useful fence.  I leveled out the the posts the best I could without cementing them in and left a 40" opening to come in and out.  We moved our 4x4 garden beds into the garden placing one in each corner.  We then headed off to the farmers market to get some plant starts including peppers, 4 kinds of lettuce, some tomato plants, cucumbers and broccoli.  We had an existing raspberry bush already in the area.

To finish it off, we enlisted the help of Grandpa who build a custom gate to complete the garden.  The gate swings open and closes automatically using a spring.  The final product, is a great garden that keeps the deer away from our veggies and creates a defined area in the yard for our little one to garden.  It looks great and we were excited that we were able to recycle the deck rails.  Some pictures follow, it is a work in progress but this gives you the idea.

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