Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mocha Host Is the worst hosting company ever

I would like to formally recognize that MochaHost, a San Jose based company, has made me question company ethics and how important customer service is.  I am  consumer residing in Upstate New York.  I run a small business and provide web hosting for a few small non-profits in my area.  After looking into several web hosting services, I selected MochaHost back in 2009 as my hosting provider. It is important to note that I pay on an annual basis an outside of the 30-day money back guarantee when you sign up, there are no contract renewal or stipulations on refunds.  They just gladly take your money when it is time to pay.

Over the last several years there have been ups and downs with the service.  I have outages that lasted several days, I have server moves that crippled my sites, I have had things disappear etc.  I have contacted support on several occasions,  sometimes good, mostly bad but continued on with the service.  The non-profits that I host use FrontPage (a Microsoft product) to publish information to their websites.  Starting in late May, I began having a large problem with the service.

I contacted MochaHost service when my clients tried to publish important updates to their sites and received a message that they did not have permission to do so.  I contacted support and detailed the issues.  In addition, screen shots of the issues were provided as well.  After no receiving a response at all, I changed the ticket status to High to escalate the service call.  I was contacted and was asked what the problem was.  I again submitted screen shots and detailed the issue for the second time.  After a few days, I contacted support again stating that I have not heard back from them.  The response I received was to again, detail what the issue was.  This went on for about two weeks.  In the middle of the second week, I was on the verge of losing my clients.  Since MochaHost could not fix the issue and could not provide FrontPage publishing which is advertised as a feature of their sites, I ended up setting up a new web host provider, moved my sites and requested  an account cancellation at MochaHost. 

MochaHost first tried to convince me that I should continue on as a customer but then sent me a cancellation form to complete.  I completed the form, including the lasst 4-digits of the credit card used for billing and they happily closed my account.  When several days lapsed, I contacted MochaHost to inquire about the status of my refund for the remaining months of service that paid for upfront.  I was contacted by MochaHost Staff and told that I was not eligible for a refund and directed to a web page explaining their risk free money back guarantee. 

If you remember from earlier in the letter, there is no mention of the this when you sign up for the service that if you cancel after the risk free time time, you are no entitled to any money back.  In fact, at time of cancellation, they do not mention this until AFTER you cancel.  I believe this is shady at best and a bit unethical.  I am further confused on how they can advertise a service, not provide the service and still withhold you money when you cancel.  It is like paying for electricity but not actually getting electricity.  I am not asking for anything more than the balance due for the remainder of the year I signed up for.  If they had provided the services they advertise, I would have stayed with the company.  If they are not going to provide the service, they should not advertise that it is available.

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alexterrell said...

I have recently been spurned by Mocha Host, to the tune of $1500 I had to pay in purchasing back a domain they illegally allowed to be auction to someone else. Just curious if you made any ground work with them? I am trying to pursue a lawsuit, and thought I would do a little homework.