Friday, May 21, 2010

Neil Young @ Shea's Performing Arts Center 5/19/10

Much has been written about Neil Young over the years.  Musical high's followed by musical lows, arguments with CSN, the conversion of a vintage car to a highly fuel efficient ride.  The one thing that continually holds true though is that Neil is and will always be a musical genius.

On a 14 date tour to debut songs from an upcoming album, Neil pulled into Buffalo to play Shea's where he last played on the Prairie Wind tour back in 2008.  The who was nothing short of spectacular.  With a blend of old classics, some re-invented and new material the solo performance was brilliant, captivating and purely entertaining.  Much has been documented on the set list so I will not relist it here.  I will say that the show consited of a blend of acoustic gems, grungy electric with a dash of keyboards incluing After the Gold Rush performed on a vintage pump organ.

For true fans, this was a great night and a chance to their musical legend wonder around on stage dawning his white fedora and striking fmailiar poses between takes.  For the casual fan, the show might have lacked in classic tunes.  The chance to see Neil live does not come around often so when it does, you have to leap on the tickets.  I left the show inspired and excited.  I will eagerly await the next chance to see him and will be counting the days for the new album to hit the shelves.

64 and there's so much more... Thank you Neil.

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